Community Outreach

Our Redeemer is a very socially minded congregation.


Lords Pantry

We have an ongoing opportunity to feed the hunger through the Lords Pantry.

Every Saturday 9:00 am to noon.

Over 400 bags of groceries are given out each month. All you need to get food is a valid ID. Come once a month.

We support over 100 children through out the world through Compassion International. It's a great way to reach out.

Click on the tab for Compassion International.


S.H.I.P Self-Help Interfaith Program

“A Program specifically designed to help those who are serious in getting back on their feet”
*120 Day Shelter Program
*Meals, Bed, Shower, Phone, and Counseling
*Employment and Savings Requirements:
*Must secure full time employment within 30 days or be already full time employed. (Day Shift work-No graveyard or swing shifts)
*Adults only—no felony record
*Zero tolerance alcohol/drug free environment
For an interview, Call (949)575-9769 and leave a voicemail for a SHIP screener #SHIP #shelter #startover #wantadoover #help