Meet our Pastor

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Pastor Luther Symons

Pastor Luther Symons began his ministry at Our Redeemer on Sunday, June 4th, 2023


Grace & peace!


            Having been asked to do a “brief” piece with some historical data is hard for a preacher.  (Not writing the piece, but making it brief!). So I will share some bullet points.


*           Born in Canada into a Lutheran family:  dad was a pastor and mom a nursing assistant.  Two brothers.


*           Family:


            *           Married to Nusrat in December 1991


            *           Three children:  Jonah (Megan), Elias and Maria (Michael)


            *           Four grandchildren:  Theresa, Abigail & David (Jonah & Megan) and Maxine                                             (Maria & Michael)


*           Education:  BA, MA, MDiv, PhD, DTh


*           Work:


            *           Residential Counselor in a facility of the Canadian Mental Health Association                                            (1988-1990)


            *           Pastor at Zion Lutheran Church, Winnipeg (1992-1993)


            *           Director at the “Ecole Lutherienne de Formation Biblique et Théologique” in                                              Garoua Boulai, Cameroon (a missionary posting to the Evangelical Lutheran                                             Church in Cameroon) (1994-1999)


            *           Deputy Director of the International PhD Program at the College of Religious                                            Studies, Mahidol University (Bangkok, Thailand) (1999-2002)


            *           Pastor at Northwood Washington Lutheran Parish, Northwood, ND (2003-2007)


            *           Senior Pastor at Incarnation Lutheran Church, Poway, CA (2007-2023)


            I have lots of stories to tell, and looking forward to telling them, but this gives a thumbnail sketch of some things folks may find useful to know.